Manfred Weber
Metra Mess- und Frequenztechnik in Radebeul e.K.
PC Vibration Measurement System VibroMetra


VM-PLOT measures and graphically displays characteristics of
  •  alternating quantities, like vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement
  •  frequency selective quantities, like phase and magnitude of acceleration
  •  digital signals, like rotation speed and frequency
  •  acoustic signals
These characteristics draw a y/t diagram.
Such characteristics allow a quick evaluation of a process. The characteristic can be compared with a warning and alarm limit. External alarm devices can be tripped. 
But the characteristic value should reflect the facts to be examined: matching measurand, matching frequency range etc. Standards and guidelines define the constitution of characteristics for numerous applications. Since VM-PLOT is free adjustable it can measure a variety of characteristics of standards and guidelines. The measurement of individual determined characteristics is possible as well.