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PC Vibration Measuring System VibroMetra

Event Messengers

When analyzing vibrations with VibroMetra, the measured data is displayed optically in the instruments first, or data is saved if required. Event messengers extend the instrument's possibilities of transferring data by additional outputs. The following event messengers are available:

Email Messenger VM-MAIL
  • For long-term measurements with remote evaluation
  • Transmits, depending on the software instrument, single measuring values, status information, graphical outputs or larger amounts of stored measuring data

Radio Messenger VM-RADIO
  • Controls alarm devices like lights, horns etc. via radio controlled outlets
  • Transmission is based on the FS20 system
  • The measuring PC is connected with a USB radio control unit Model FHZ 1000
  • The FS20 system is operated in the 868 MHz band.
  • Maximum distance is 100 m in open air and 30 m inside of buildings.

Notice: Please make sure that the 868 MHz band is licensed for public use in your country.

Data sheet (200 kB)

ADAM Messenger VM-ADAM
  • Controls alarm devices like lights, horns etc. via RS-485 relay modules of ADAM series
  • The measuring PC is connected with a USB-/RS-484 interface Model ADAM 4561

Large Screen Display VM-LARGE
  • Provides clear good / bad information, for instance for quality control
  • A window adjustable in size and color displays measuring values and status information
  • standard function without surcharge