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PC Vibration Measuring System VibroMetra


IEPE/USB Interfaces M312B
  • Compact measuring modules
  • Connect two IEPE accelerometers to your PC
  • USB-Interface facilitates installation
  • No settings necessary
  • TEDS support
  • Power supply via USB

Only for VibroMetra - no driver support for other software

Inputs 2 IEPE; 1 digital trigger, 2 DC inputs; 1 microphone
USB2.0; AC output
Frequency range 0.1 to 40 000 Hz
Input ranges ±8000 mV, ±800 mV, ±80 mV
Accuracy < 2 %
A/D conversion 24 bits 96 kHz per channel
Dimensions without sockets 105 x 22 x 84 mm³
Data sheet
Quick start guide
The latest version of VibroMetra software can be found on our download page.
VibroMetra can be started in the Simulator mode for testing.

Photoelectric Reflex Switch VM-PS
  • For rotary speed (rpm) measurement
  • Ready for connection to IEPE/USB Interface M312
  • Supplied with magnetic stand and adhesive reflection foil
  • Red light simplifies adjustment
  • Insensitive to other light sources, i.e. high reliability
  • Adjustable sensitivity
Switch distance 0 .. 7 m
Light spot diameter 80 mm in 3 m distance
Connection 2 m with plug Binder 711