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PC Vibration Measuring System VibroMetra

Balancing Software Module

Balancing System VM-BAL
  • Balancing of long and disk-shaped rotors in one or two planes
  • Up to six correction methods (depending on software version)
  • Automatic operation by rotary speed detection
  • Display of measuring results as polar graphic and numbers
  • Very simple installation and operation
  • User guidance by clear text instructions
  • Extremely compact - VM-BAL fits into a small carrying case
  • Versatile instrument at an economic price
  • Available as kit including all necessary hardware and software:
    VM-BAL Kit One for one plane
    VM-BAL Kit Two for two planes

VM-BAL Kit Two:Highslide JS

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Required hardware components IEPE / USB interface M302 orM312B, one or two IEPE accelerometers, photoelectric reflex switch VM-PS
Versions VM-BAL VM-BAL+ VM-BAL++
Balancing methods Adding mass Adding mass
Removing mass
Adding mass
Removing mass
Radial drilling
Balancing rings, sliding blocks
Radial set screws
Mass list
Fixed balancing positions - 3 to 99 3 to 99
Test mass Before run: adding test mass
After run: removing test mass
Before run: adding test mass
After run: removing test mass
Suggestion for test mass
Before run: adding/removing test mass
After run: keeping/removing test mass
Balancing aims Unbalance amount
Unbalance weight
Unbalance amount
Unbalance weight
Unbalance amount
Unbalance weight
Balance quality to ISO 1940
Vibration displacement
Vibration velocity
Vibration acceleration
Saving rotor data and balancing sessions - - yes
Vibration quantities Vibration velocity Vibration velocity Vibration velocity, acceleration and displacement
Rotation speed range 100 to 30 000 min-1 with M302 and 6 to 600 000 min-1with M312B
Measuring units m/s, mm/s, μm/s, nm/s, pm/s, in/s, mil/s, μin/s, dB | m, mm, μm, nm, pm, ft, in, mil, μin, dB | t, kg, g, mg, μg, ng, lb, oz, dram | kgm, gm, gmm, mgmm, μgmm, ngmm, g in, lb in, dram in, oz in | °, rad | kHz, Hz, mHz, 1/s, 1/min, 1/h, rpm, cpm
Software Description (online help)
Data sheet(400 kB)
Application Note AN31E - VM-BAL (300 kB)
Application Note AN33E - Balancing Airplane Propellers (200 kB)
Quick start guide (600 kB)
The latest version of VibroMetra software can be found on our download page.
VibroMetra can be started in the Simulator mode for testing.